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Pilot campaign ‘Robin Food’ turningexcess veggies into soup


Market research phase& first pilot in Antwerp


2 pilots in Antwerp with soups and smoothies;new platform being built

How did it start? The covid-19 pandemic revealed once again that food loss and waste are built-in problems in the food system as we know it. Valuable food goes to waste, producers don’t get paid while access to healthy food becomes more expensive. This important problem deserved a bold solution. EIT Food and Growzer joined forces to create a technological solution that supports both the food producing and processing industry.From a circular perspective, the waste of one player is the raw material for another.

2023 and onwards

The last 3 years have been a wildly fascinating and wild ride. We built our first prototype and partner consortia in Antwerp, with the support of the city's Klimaatfonds. Pilot testing with a few (brave!) schools allowed us to turn leftover veggies and fruits into soups and smoothies. Antwerp liked what we did and will support our work as part of their food strategy. Our beta platform needed an upgrade to allow us to process larger quantities, serve more processors and caterers and increase our impact. Flanders followed Antwerp. We became part of the Circular Food Chain Taskforce and received a 100K grant from Circular Flanders to support our growth. And this is just the start. Let’s end food waste together!

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