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Bioweek is back!

Bioweek is back! From June 1 to 9, the entire Belgian organic sector wants to inspire young and old to choose organic more often. Because choosing organic is choosing sustainability. A week full of fun activities where organic producers are put in the spotlight.

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Will you help save 300,000 pounds of rejected (organic) celeriac?

Farmer Ted and his wife Nicole are left with an abundance of organic celeriac that does not meet the consumer beauty ideal. Time for a rescue operation!

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A sustainable success story: more than 16 tons of leek saved!

Last month we matched leek producer Groentenhof to Hanssens Catering, so leek surpluses can be turned into soup. Read more.

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Together with Europe against food waste!

Mid-March the European Parliament gave the green light to tougher targets to reduce food waste. Curious to find out what exactly does the proposal entails?

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Creating an innovative market platform (1/2): opportunities and challenges

The first part of this two-part series looks at value assessment and pricing, and supply and demand.

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Creating an innovative market platform (2/2): Let’s talk logistics

The second part of this two-part series dives into all things logistics.

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The Get Wasted pilot: turning surplus veggies into soups for schools

In Antwerp, Get Wasted acts as a matchmaker between wholesalers and schools to save surplus produce.

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