A sustainable success story: more than 16 tons of leek saved!  

In a world where sustainability and the efficient use of natural resources is becoming a priority, it is inspiring to see how innovative companies work together to fight food waste. A recent example is the matchmaking of Groentenhof in Bornem and Hanssens Catering. Trough the Get Wasted platform 16 tons of leek were turned into delicious soups for children in primary and secundary schools in 6 Belgian provinces. This happened only in about 2 months! 

19 April 2024

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Groentenhof, founded by Rudy Croket and Myriam Nauwelaerts in 1986, is an example of innovation in the agriculture sector. With a focus on the production of leek and fennel, they have attuned their production to the demands of the market, but also searched for solutions for their side streams. Their son Lars Croket started wholesaler Fresh2B in 2013, who distributes the production to different customers, including Delhaize.  One of the challenges for Groentenhof was finding a solution for their leek overproduce and cuts, more specifically “too small” or “too wide” leeks or cut off leek green. Through Get Wasted a match was made with Hanssens Catering. The more fibrous green leek was perfect to process in the fresh soups that Hanssens Catering prepares daily for school children. In march and april 2024 Get Wasted matched more than 16 tons of leek surplus with Hanssens Catering. A fresh bowl of soup ... a more worthy destination than a compost pile, if you ask us!  Hanssens Catering, a catering company with branches in Wevelgem, Oosterzele and Groot-Bijgaarden, was the perfect partner for this match. Their devotion to freshness, quality, sustainability and innovation makes them a great fit for Groentenhof. By buying directly from the farmer and by investing in solar energy and re-usable packaging, they are making their core business a sustainable one. They are glad they can now also contribute to reducing food surpluses and supporting the farmer.   This successful collaboration will continue to save tons of food surpluses, but also strengthens the local food netwerk and reduces the total negative impact on the environment. Together we are reducing foodwaste and making sustainability the norm.   Do you also have fruit or vegetable surpluses that you would like to offer for human consumption? Or do you want to create more sustainable meals with food surpluses?   Our Matchmaker Fien is looking forward to speaking with you. Get in touch with us!