Terms and Conditions of Use

1. General 

1.1. These general terms and conditions of use (the "General Terms of Use") refers to the activities of EIT Food CLC West, whose registered office is at Philipssite 5, 3001 Leuven (Belgium) and which is registered with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises under number 0679.531.322 (the "Company"). 1.2. The Company has a website and marketplace available on https://getwasted.eu (the "Website") on which it brings together clients and suppliers of edible unsold goods with a view to concluding a sales contract between the client and the supplier in respect of these products.  1.3. The Company may also present and promote its services through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. (the "Social Network" or "Social Networks").1.4. The user of the Website, the Social Network or any other medium made available by the Company (the "User") consents to the application of these General Terms of Use, whether or not he or she has made a purchase via the Website, and waives, where applicable, the application of the contradictory provisions of his or her own general terms and conditions or any other provision that would contravene the General Terms of Use. 1.5. The General Terms of Use are available at all times on the Website and can easily be printed or saved by the User on a durable medium (paper or electronic). 1.6. The Company and the User are referred to individually as a "Party" and collectively as the "Parties".

2. Responsibility

2.1. The Company attaches great importance to the information it publishes on the Website and on the Social Networks. Consequently, the Company makes every effort to transmit relevant and up-to-date information, without any liability being attributable to it. 2.2. The Customer can find information on the Products and a description of the Products on the Website. This information is provided for information purposes only and is intended to enable the Customer to make an overall assessment of the Products presented before buying them. Suppliers remain responsible at all times for providing information on the Products and their quantity and for ensuring that this information is accurate and up to date, to the full discharge of the Company. The Company assumes no responsibility in this regard and is therefore not responsible for the content or provision of information relating to the Products or the Suppliers, or for the means of payment, delivery times and costs.2.3. The information available on the Company's Website, its Social Networks or any other media is for information purposes only and is not binding on the Company, its partners, employees or subcontractors.2.4. Similarly, all information relating to the Company's activities, its services and those of its external service providers and partners, including photographs, are included for information purposes only. The User may not derive any rights from the information thus presented and, more generally, from the content of the Website. 

3. Intellectual property and use of the Website

3.1. All images, visuals, concepts and techniques used by the Company and included in any medium whatsoever are and remain at all times its property, as well as the General Terms of Use, the General Terms of Sale, the privacy policy and all documents subject to copyright or any other intellectual property right. Likewise, the Company's Website, in its entirety, including its architecture, design, interface, databases, name, domain name, etc., belongs to the Company. 3.2. No reproduction or communication to the public, in whole or in part, of the Website or any of its elements, or of publications on the Social Networks or of any other media made public or made available by the Company, for any purpose whatsoever, may be made without the prior written authorisation of the Company.3.3. Any downloading from the Website or Social Networks always takes place at the User's risk. The Company shall in no event be held liable for any direct or indirect damage resulting from such downloads, such as loss of data or damage to the User's computer system, which is entirely and exclusively the responsibility of the User.3.4. The Website and the Social Networks may contain links or hyperlinks to external websites. Such links do not imply any relationship between the Company and the external website or even an implied agreement with the content of such external websites.3.5. The Company has no control over external websites. It is in no way responsible for the safe and correct operation of the hyperlinks and their final destination. As soon as the User clicks on the hyperlink, he/she leaves the Website or the Social Network. The Company cannot therefore be held liable for any subsequent damage.

4. Amendment

4.1. The Company reserves the right to modify all or part of the provisions of the General Terms of Use at any time. The Company shall inform the User by making the new version of the General Terms of Use available to the User on any medium and in particular on its Website.4.2. In the absence of any indication to the contrary, the new General Terms of Use shall come into force as soon as they are communicated by the Company, by whatever means and in particular on the Company's Website. 

5. Applicable law and jurisdiction clause 

5.1. These General Terms of Use are governed by Belgian law. 5.2. In the event of a dispute, the Parties shall endeavour to settle their differences amicably. Any dispute relating in particular to the validity of the General Terms of Use, their execution, interpretation and expiry, which cannot be settled amicably, shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent court in the district of the Company's registered office. 

6. Final provisions 

6.1. The fact that the Company does not avail itself of a provision of the General Terms of Use may not be interpreted as a waiver of the right to avail itself of such provision at a later date. 6.2. If any provision of the General Terms of Use is declared invalid or ineffective, it shall be deemed unwritten, without affecting the validity of the other provisions of the General Terms of Use or of any contractual document concluded between the Parties. Insofar as possible, the Parties shall replace the invalidated provision in good faith and in the same spirit.