What's available today

What's available today

Prei klasse 2/kg


Note: there's a maximum kg availability.

De prei klasse 2 bestaat uit prei met lichte beschadigingen aan het blad of stam, deze prei is nog prefect bruikbaar voor voeding.Reeds voorgewassen, tussen de bladeren is er nog beperkt zand aanwezig.Wordt gekoeld afgeleverd op 2°C.Standaard verpakking: 10 kg in een plastic kist van 60x40x24 cm.Af te halen te Bornem.Wekelijkse beschikbaarheid variërend tussen 0-800kg (neem contact op voor de exacte hoeveelheid)

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of food surplusesare fit for human consumption


of food is wasted

88 million

tonnes of foodget wasted in Europe

Food loss and food waste are substantial problems throughout the entire food value chain. Get Wasted, an online marketplace for food surpluses, solves this problem. From a circular perspective, the waste of one player is the raw material for another. Get Wasted gives food surpluses a second life, instead of letting them go to waste. We bring all actors of the food value chain, from farmers to auctions and food processing industry,social economy and even schools together in one ecosystem. Buying and selling surplus food products has never been easier. Let’s get started together.

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